Custom Affirmations By Ashley Boblett

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 I met Ashley Boblett in January 2020 through a Gabby Bernstein manifestation challenge group on Facebook. I felt very connected to her the moment we started talking. She has written two books that you can purchase on Amazon ( I will list links at the bottom of this post). 

     Ashley was in the process of starting a new service where she would create you Custom Affirmations and asked if I would be interested, and of course I said yes!!! Many of you know that I am a firm believer in Law of Attraction and having positive affirmations to work with when you are practicing a LOA lifestyle is a must. Ashley emailed me a very detailed questionnaire and asked me questions about myself and of course for affirmations to work you have to be honest with yourself. We all have self doubt at times or feel like we are not enough. I had to complete this questionnaire with pure honesty and the results I received were amazing.  


     The first part to her questionnaire was to create a safe and loving place within yourself by relaxing and taking a few deep breaths and releasing any tension you might have in your body. I can tell by the way she formed this questionnaire that she also meditated and made sure she was in a high loving energy which is very important due to transfer of energies which I will write about this later this month. Here are a few questions that you will find on her questionnaire:


1. How would you like to spend your money?

2. Do you forgive easily?

3. What could change to bring more peace and happiness into your life?


     Ashley asked me 19 questions to create my affirmation list. The reason why I love this idea is because we often are to busy and forget to journal our day or thoughts. You want to always start your morning out with positive words as it sets the tone for your day. Think about how you feel when you wake up in the morning and you are running late for work. All you can do is think about how you are going to be late and then once you get to work you realize that you left your lunch at home. Once negative thoughts start to take over it becomes a snowball effect; take it from someone who knows.  Everyday I start my morning by repeating "Thank You God, Angels, and The Universe for waking me to see another day", "Thank you Angels for revealing to me what I need to know" ( a lesson from Kyle Gray), and "Thank you Angels for reminding me of your presences" (a lesson from Kyle Gray). The next step I do is I say 5 things that I am grateful for. I do all of this before my feet even hit the ground. Once I am ready to leave home I will turn to the mirror in my Zen room and repeat 5 of the custom affirmations that Ashley created for me in the mirror. My spiritual mentor Myra once told me never to talk negative about yourself in front a mirror.  


     If you are not sure what affirmations you should be speaking over your life then you need to contact Ashley and have her create a special list of high energy affirmations that you can say daily or even journal. Remember in order to live a LOA lifestyle affirmations are a must! Ashley thank you so much for sharing your light in such a dark world. You are spreading so much of your spiritual DNA and I want to say thank you! 


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Amazon Books:

The Love Book

The Money Book

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