Essence of Zen "Intuition" Candle
The Essence of Zen

Essence of Zen "Intuition" Candle

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Have you tried tapping into your own intuition? I believe we all can tap into our own intuition! Learning to use your intuition is just like working out a certain muscle group. If you are not working that certain muscle group you will not increase your strength. Learning to listen and tap into your own intuition requires daily practice and that is why I created the intuition candle.

The candles are created when you place an order. The size of the candle is 3oz. Each candle is created differently and that is because each candle has certain signs and symbols that will help you connect to your intuition. Before you use your candle be sure to wipe the outside of the candle first with Florida Water (click here to purchase) or moon light water (water that has been left out during a full moon). When you light this candle you are to sit comfortable and focus on your breathing. Thank your spirit guides for helping you tap into your intuition. 

Here is a mantra that you can repeat while your candle burns:

As I quite my mind I am able to listen to my intuition. I thank my spirit guides for guiding me and helping me trust my intuition. I see clear visions in my mind’s eye.