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About Me


As I became an adult and started experiencing the world I drifted away from my gifts and the spiritual world. Even though I was in the world I was enjoying life, traveling, and felt that I had it all together. Even though I felt I had it all together I still felt like something was missing. I never lost my spiritual gifts but I placed them on the back burner. Often I would receive messages from my guides but thought life is good right now and would ignore them. On April 18, 2017 my world started to crumble. My anger and depression started from a phone call I received from my father. I will never forget that morning, it was 6:34am and I was being told that my grandfather passed away. My eyes filled with tears as I felt a part of me died. I was asked to speak at his funeral where I shared many memories of my childhood with grandfather which was very emotional for me. Just as I started to heal from that loss, I then receive another devastating phone call on December 20,2017 at 7:30pm that my father has passed away from cancer. Again, standing in front of a room filled with people I shared my memories of my father and I. In 2017 I lost the first two men in my life just 8 months a part and I was one lost soul. 

     In the summer of 2018 my life started to flow again and things started to make sense once I met my earth angel Myra. The new person I have become is all because of her. The first day I met Myra I knew there was something special about her! I just started to open up and talk to her like she and I had known each other forever. One thing she told me was to start protecting my energy because I am an empath (Empaths are highly sensitive individuals, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling). I knew she was connected to spirit. I know Myra was placed in my life at the right place and right time. Myra is my earth angel,  spiritual mentor, soul sister, and my real life Super Woman! Because of Myra I want to be able to help others find their way back to their purpose the way she helped  me. Myra told me to start journaling, meditating, and reading books like the Law of Attraction and Sacred Contracts. Once I started to work on my inner self that is when things started to change for me.

    As I started to work on my inner self I found myself being drawn back to crystals again. I would wear a number of bracelets to be able to have the properties I needed from each one. One day while browsing different bracelets at a local shop; I did not feel the energy that I am use to feeling when I touch crystals. I asked one of the girls that worked at the shop about the bracelets and she stated "I don't know if it's real or not it could be plastic". I found myself standing there thinking I need to make my own bracelets because then I will know I am not buying plastic. I started to create different bracelets for myself and I started to have people would ask me do I sell the bracelets I make. I knew then I was on to something. I create high vibrational energy before I start creating anything with my hands. I am a firm believer in transfer of spirits and energy. I have special candles that were created just for me and I burn them, sage, and play mantra music while I am creating each bracelet. I offer custom bracelets based on oracle cards, tarot cards, and mediumship. If you are not sure what type of bracelet you are seeking please send me an email let's talk and see what the cards or your guides say!