My Spirit Tribe & Friends!

Welcome to my spirit tribe! Here you will find links to many of the people I network with and have a very close friendship with.


Hearth Wisdom Store (located in Pantego, Tx) -"Ancient Ways for Modern Days" Veteran, Woman, Black-owned. Located in Pantego, Texas. All paths and traditions welcomed. We endeavor to be a resource to our community, offering a place of collective knowledge, guidance, and tools to support you.

What also makes Hearth Wisdom Store so special to me is that it's the first store to sell my bracelets. Hearth Wisdom Store was voted the best metaphysical store in Arlington, Texas.


The Hoodoo Priestess (Located in Hearth Wisdom Store & Online)

If you are looking for real magic look no further! Tera is the creator/owner of Hoodoo Priestess. She has created me a one of a kind candle that I use while I am creating bracelets and writing. If you only purchase one item from her you will need to purchase the Road Opener soap! Once you start using that soap I cannot wait to here all the amazing changes that are going on in your life!



Infinite Credit Solutions (Tampa, Fl)

If you are seeking someone who knows what they are doing I highly recommend Hearth with Infinite Credit Solutions. Heather has been able to help my credit score so much.


The Enchanted Oracles (online metaphysical store)

I love this store because you can always find what you are looking for. This store is owned by Heather of Infinite Credit! 


Kerin Monaco - Spiritual Teacher - Kerin is amazing! She is definitely connected to the Divine. Her course are very unique. Make sure to join her FB page and click the photo below for her website. 




Ashley Boblett (Author)

I love Ashley! She has an amazing spirit and her books are amazing! You can purchase her books on Amazon!